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Low-Code for Industry 4

MachDatum provides an low-code end-to-end Industrial IoT Platform

Built on the vision to democratize the transition towards Industry 4 using low-code features to connect assets and processes to a real-time processing engine to optimize operations and automate workflows

Empowers domain experts to focus on solving actual problems while we handle the underlying infrastructure with high stability, security and scalability.

You can't improve what you can't measure

Achieve complete visibility and traceability in your shop-floor

Improve your asset availability and process efficiency through continuous monitoring of your shop-floor operations by connecting your assets and process through IT-OT integration.

  • Asset Connectivity
  • Edge Processing
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Health Monitoring
Reduce human-interaction on repititive process

Improve efficiency with real-time workflow automation

Build automated workflow logics in a digitalized ecosystem by integrating your IT systems directly with the assets on the shop-floor

  • No-Code Definition
  • Real-time Feedback
Agile improvements with shop-floor BI

Holistics insights and collaboration

Integrate data from multiple sources to define KPIs and design dashboard to help with continuous track and improve cycle with built-in collaboration

  • Data integration
  • No-Code KPIs
  • Self-service
  • In-Data collaboration
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